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Creating Raving Fans since 2007!

Our Vision.
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We have worked hard to bring an elevated level of security during the frequent storms in our area since 2005

We started decades ago building ICF structures and safe rooms for customers along the grand strand who wanted to feel more secure when storms threatened our community. 

Our Solution.
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Reducing the effects of hurricane damage to your home by means of better products installed correctly at a reasonable price is our mission.

Our family wants to make you safer and beautify your home and your neighborhood. We are experts in home fortification, what works and what doesn't. 

Our Services.
Hurricane Shutters

Call us for expert:


Hurricane shutter installation and consulting. 

Residential Re-Roofing

Repairs to vinyl siding. 

Electrical Services and repairs. 

Small remodeling 

SC Safe Home inspections, 

Wind Mitigation Inspections

SC Safe Home Contractor


It is nearly the end of 2022. (I am sure you were already aware of that.) What may surprise you as much as it does us is.... SCSAFEHOME is STILL OPEN TO APPLY FOR A GRANT!

If you own your site built home, and need Hurricane Shutters or a Roof - (Or if you know someone who does) and would like to apply for a Grant for up to $4000.00 or even $5000....

Call us - 843-602-1659 or email us at for more information!

Don't let someone you love miss out on this unprecedented opportunity to make their home safer in next year's hurricane season!

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