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We do some stuff: 

Hurricane Shutters
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You shouldn't have to ask yourself whether or not you are going to protect your home when a storm is on the horizon. 

If a storm changes direction suddenly like Ian did this year, there should be no reason for you to say - "It's too late to secure my home"

We can help with that! 

Our system is designed with decades of experience here in the Myrtle Beach area to make it easier for you! 

The best system is the one you won't hesitate to use, and we will work with you to create one that will be easy to deploy, and pack up and store for the next storm. Giving you confidence and peace of mind. 

Residential Roofing
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It is a huge investment and you want it to last. Choose the best.

There are risks involved in choosing the roofer who is knocking on your door to tell you, "You Might Have Hail Damage". And to be fair when a bad storm comes we are all for helping you to replace your roof with the help of your insurance company, for the actual honest value of the work to be done. 

We believe in using great products and installing them as they are designed to be installed by the manufacturer. 

We are very proud to Select Shingle Master Certified by CertainTeed. We prefer their product hands down, and we have proven we can do it correctly. 

That pays for itself year after year.

Electrical Repairs
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We have 2 - count them - 2 Semi-retired master electricians who still assist us for our in-house electrical repairs. 

Most often you'll meet Randy who is an absolute expert at solving difficult electrical problems at your home. He's been troubleshooting residential electrical systems since 1986.

And if you have a moment don't forget to ask for pics of the grandkids, his personal golf course and the fish in his pond. ​

SC Safe Home. Yup! 
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When you are deciding on who your contractor will be, and who your inspector will be. It pays to call the best. Our team of inspectors are top notch and are work together to maximize the benefit of using Safe Home Funds to harden your home against the effects of hurricane winds. 

Call us right away to discuss what we can do to assist you. 

Unless you don't want the beautiful state of South Carolina to help pay for your upgraded project... there is that. 

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