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About us

We are a family owned and operated company. My stepdad started in this industry with a passion to protect homes from wind and water damage. In the early years of Y2K he was designing and building ICF wall systems, and working on a design to add hurricane and tornado shelters within homes, disguised as closets and pantries. 2006 brought in a partnership that helped us survive through the market struggles in 2007 and 2008. Fast forward to now - Tim and I run the business and Dan is still here to support us and provide his expertise.

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Our Vision.


We were early adopters of the IBHS program, working to harden the homes and businesses along the coastline as well as inland. 

We have a culture of Code + building and appreciate the value it brings to the homeowner. In 2007 we started working with a brand new SC Safe Home Program. Where IBHS was slow to take root here due to a cumbersome process that added expenses to building that weren't being recouped by direct value when our market was severely restrained - SC Safe Home offered a direct reduction in the expense of a common set of maintenance items. 

SC Safe Home is not for everyone in every circumstance, but we still consider them to be the best means for a customer to add safety and value to their home by increased resiliency. 

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Future Company Profile.


If we had a choice we would spend everyday out there in nature enjoying the beauty. 

But sometimes nature has other plans and homeowners need to be able to be prepared. That is where we come in. We have gained a reputation as experts in the field of hurricane preparedness - especially when it comes to reducing the effects of wind damage on your home. 

As we make time over the next few week we will add some content here to provide you with a better idea of who we are.

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